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Fete Fatale Prepares to Sail (and Dine) on the Titanic

June 2020
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What You Should Expect During Last Dinner on the Titanic
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Posted by: Fete Fatale @ 5:37 pm

A lot (an amazing amount!) of food.

And wine.

And other forms of alcohol.

And beautifully dressed women and handsome men.

But you WON’T find plot. Your character sheet contains some character background and only goals of the “make conversation” variety. You won’t need to try to steal the Countess’s jewels, or raid the Purser’s safe, or poison an enemy or deal with a blackmailer. You will inquire about trips to Egypt or the health of a family member or plays to see in New York or share stories of previous social events.

Depending on how well-known your character was, your character sheet may include a lot of character history, or not much at all. If there is a lot, please don’t be intimidated. Don’t think we expect you to memorize it. [We included it because there’s so much fascinating material out there. We found it interesting, and we thought you might too.] Feel free to make up shared reminiscences with other characters and add details or interests as they will enhance your own and others’ enjoyment. We do ask that you refrain from departing wildly from the basics of your character. If you claim to be a time traveling space nazi or the like, Dig or Gail is likely to pull you aside for a little “re-direction.”

What we’re trying to accomplish in this event is to create a “shared reality” of these people at this moment; we are not striving for historical verisimilitude. And for everyone to enjoy themselves with a good meal and good company, as the First Class passengers did at dinner on April 14th, 1912.

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